Our Company

Since 2006, Amatole Telecommunications Services (Pty) Ltd ("Easttel") has been providing wholesale broadband, data, voice & billing services to small and medium sized Resellers, ISP's and WISP's in South Africa. - ICASA IECS Licensed Operator - B-BBEE Level Two (125% Procurement Recognition)

  • Simplifying Telecoms

Products & Services

1st Tier Voice Operator

- Unified Cloud Communications Platform - Hosted PBX Solutions - SIP & Trunk Interconnects - Self Service Portal - Real Time billing & Credit Limit Management - Member of the Number Porting Company (NPC)

Wireless Network Management

- Monitoring & Management of Wireless Networks - 24/7 NOC Support - Upgrades & Network Design - Provision of Back Office solutions (Admin & Billing) - Network Installation & Handover - Full Turnkey Solutions

Fibre Broadband Solutions

- Layer 2 & Layer 3 Solutions - Sizing from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbts - International & Local Data - Direct Backhaul into the SAIX Network - Backbone failover

VSAT Solutions

- VSAT Solutions - Sizing from 1 Mbts to 20 Mbts - Voice Integration - Installation & Maintenance - 24/7 Monitoring

Reseller Products

- Established Resellers, Office Machine Suppliers & PBX Providers are Easttel's prefered Partners - Voice (TDM, VoIP, SIP) Services - FTTH, ADSL, VDSL & LTE - Business Fibre (1:1) - Data Packages

Voice Fraud

- Voice Fraud Management - Fraud Type Determination - CDR Data Patterning - Internal Systems Investigation

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Our Services

Easttel strategically focuses on the delivery and operation of top-notch services for converged networking and voice solutions, targeting operators and enterprises, as well as governmental sectors. The company leverages its long-established partner ecosystem to span multiple technology and market verticals. With our personalised service offering we are able to deliver services round-the-clock (24/7) with the highest quality and professionalism, and with full commitment to customer’s expectations.

Reporting and Billing

We believe that reporting is an integral part of any business and as such we provide monthly billing and reporting through our reseller portal. With real time handling, resellers can create and assign to users their own rate plans (tariffs) and subscriptions for voice and data services prcured from Easttel.

Our Network Coverage

Easttel delivers successful telecommunication solutions to partners and clients nationally. With peering points in Johannesburg, Durban ,East London and Cape town we are able to provide cost-effective high-capacity backhaul for all networks, while enabling an evolved IP architecture.